Linn 10% summer promo

10% off – Linn @ 45 Summer Promotion starts today!

2 July 2018

Today marks the start of Linn’s annual Summer Promotion and this year, in keeping with the weather, it’s a sizzler. To celebrate it’s 45th birthday, Linn is giving 10% off any new Linn product* when you trade in an old one. And that’s on top of any part-exchange we give you. Win win.

The 10% discount applies to all current Linn complete systems (Klimax, Akurate, Series 5, Majik and Kiko); separate components from the Klimax, Akurate, Series 5 and Majik ranges and also complete turntables.

*Excluded from the 10% discount: turntable components, LP12 upgrades, Linn Cartridge part-exchange values, upgrades & accessories and custom install products.

Your legacy Linn product for trade-in doesn’t need to be working and nothing is too old; pretty much everything is accepted – old source products (including Axis and Basik turntables and legacy LP12 components), speakers or Linn amplifiers –¬†all the way back to the original LK1&2.

Your have 8 weeks to take advantage, the promo ends Monday 27th August. Go!