ATC CDA2 and P2

ATC SM50As, CDA2 and P2 now all on dem

9 January 2023

Christmas came early for Adventures with the arrival of two fantastic components from ATC:

  • CDA2 CD player, DAC and preamplifier
  • P2 dual mono power amplifier

And then this week we received a New Year present too ?:

  • SCM50 ASL Classic active speakers



ATC SCM50 ASL adventures in hifi


Combining very high performance and versatility, the CDA2 is a CD player, pre-amplifier and high-resolution DAC within a compact and elegant chassis. Acting as the source or combined with a streamer and/or external phono stage, it can partner with active speakers to form an exceptional system with minimal ‘box-count’. Alternatively, the CDA2 can combine with a power amplifier such as the ATC P2 to drive passive loudspeakers with stunning results. And a very reasonable price of £3,100.

CDA2 Features:

  • All-discrete class-A pre-amplifier with balanced and unbalanced outputs.
  • Two RCA/phono and one 3.5mm mini-jack analogue inputs.
  • High performance CD player.
  • Premium AKM 32-bit DAC.
  • USB digital input supporting up to 384kHz PCM data and native DSD256.*
  • Headphone amp featuring discrete output stage.
  • Roon Tested Certification
  • Handmade in England.
  • 6 year warranty.**
    *DSD256 support via PC only (up to DSD128 via Mac).
    ** TWO years on CD mechanism.

Upgrading from the P1 power amp, the P2 adds a much larger power supply and additional output MOSFETs to double power to 300W per channel. It is the ideal solution to drive speakers in larger rooms and/or when a loudspeaker presents a difficult load and will provide an effortless, musical presentation under these demanding conditions. Like the smaller P1, the combination of exceptional resolution and neutral fidelity allows the quality of the original recording to shine through whilst also offering outstanding compatibility with a wide range of partnering equipment. Retails at £3,600.

P2 Features:

  • 300W per channel – ideal for larger rooms and/or challenging loudspeaker loads.
  • Dual-mono design delivers full power simultaneously from both channels, with minimal crosstalk.
  • Balanced and un-balanced inputs, plus un-balanced ‘link’ outputs.
  • Grounded source class A/B output stage circuits as found in ATC’s renowned active loudspeakers.
  • Wide bandwidth, low distortion and high dynamic range ensure tonal accuracy and perfectly timed transients.
  • Gain matched to smaller 150W P1 enabling bi-amp compatibility.
  • Neutral fidelity ensures excellent system compatibility.
  • Hand built in the UK and supported by a 6 year warranty.
    “In terms of detail, the P2 struck gold once again. Instruments were lifelike and beautifully atmospheric, no matter whether a recording featured a soft solo acoustic ensemble or a grand orchestral bombardment.”
    Adam Smith, Hi-Fi News, March 2017.

Joining our ‘Tower’ 50 floorstanders on demo, SCM50 ASL ‘Classic’ version have arrived and initial listening suggests they are every bit as musical. Same speaker, same superb sound but in two different styles to suit your own personal aesthetics – a traditional floor standing tower or on small stands, à la original Linn Isobarik.

SCM50s are designed to perform at their best in the recording studio or at home with the finest quality hi-fi equipment.

The monitors’ ability to reproduce music and speech with phenomenal accuracy, transparency and dynamics lies mainly in the SM75-150S soft dome midrange driver. However, recent modifications that include the new ATC SH25-76S tweeter and enhanced port profile have brought about further improvements to all performance parameters.

Each drive unit in the active model has its own dedicated and individually matched MOS-FET amplifier, while the 234mm/9″ bass driver incorporates ATC’s unique Super Linear Magnet technology. The active crossover network consists of a wide band-width, electronically balanced input stage with high common mode rejection and very low distortion.

Like the HF, mid and bass drivers, all electronics are designed and manufactured in-house to create a no-compromise active system.

Available Finishes:
Standard Veneers – Cherry, Walnut, Oak & Black Ash
Standard Paints – Satin Black, Satin White
Premium Veneers (surcharge applies) – Rosewood, European Crown Cut Walnut, Burr Walnut, Pippy Oak, Burr Magnolia, Burr Poplar
High Gloss (surcharge applies) – Clear High Glossed Veneer, Piano Black, Piano White

If you haven’t heard ATC before, you should. If you have, we’ll see you soon ?.