Cyrus One HD amplifier

Cyrus One summer promotion – save £100

20 June 2019

We’ve been quite taken with the Cyrus One – a compact integrated amplifier with built-in moving magnet phono stage, Bluetooth connectivity, headphone input and generally pretty impressive specification.

Already great value, you can save £100 on both the One and One HD in Cyrus’s summer promotion. Until Friday 2nd August. Cyrus One is reduced from £699 to £599 and the Cyrus One HD from £999 to £899.

Cyrus One features:
– Built-in MM Phono stage
– aptX® compatible Bluetooth
– Pre outputs – for connection to separate power amps
– 4 line level inputs – Including AV Bypass
– High power, high voltage class AB headphone
– Bi-wire compatible speaker binding posts

One HD has all of the above (less 1 line level input) and adds an upgraded circuit design, built-in 32-bit DAC and digital inputs. It takes audio performance a step further with high resolution playback; connect a PC, TV, games console, etc via USB to stream high-res files or music from TIDAL, Qobuz, et al.

Asynchronous USB 2.0 input – up to 32/192 signals, and DSD 64 and DSD 128
Optical Toslink digital input – up to 24/192 signals
Coaxial SPDIF digital input – up to 24/192 signals