Dynavector P75 mk IV – a little cracker!

11 October 2017

The Dynavector P75 phono preamplifier has been a firm favourite of ours (and many of our customers) for years now, the mk II and mk III models delivering obvious improvements on the original. Now we have the latest revision, Dynavector P75 mk IV and it is a little cracker!

We say little, in fact its marginally bigger than its predecessor, just enough to give users the extra room required to easily access inputs and adjust loading, but the real difference is in the mk IV’s performance. This phono stage reveals incredible detail; Dynavector have managed to double power efficiency and almost entirely eliminate noise with the mk IV, tracking your cartridge on its vinyl journey with remarkable transparency.

The P75 is a perfect match for Dynavector’s own excellent range of MM and MC cartridges but equally will extract intricate detail from pretty much any magnet or coil.

RRP £795  Book a dem.