Legacy to New Classic Cable Promotion

23 July 2023

This year sees the launch of two new Naim Classic ranges – 200 Series & 300 Series, giving existing Naim owners the opportunity to enhance their systems for the first time in over a decade.

To help owners upgrade to New Classic, Naim is offering any cabling required for integration into an existing system free of charge. This includes Burndy cables (digital and analogue), XLR, RCA and 4–DIN interconnects, all free of charge with the purchase of any New Classic product, which could save you £529 per cable. We’ll tell you exactly what you need.

The longevity of Naim products is well known and this is a great chance to extend that with a little helping hand to get more from your existing Naim equipment.

Get in touch to discuss your own system requirements, and here is Jason Gould from Naim explaining how this could work for you: