Linn Katalyst for Akurate

Linn Katalyst for Akurate

19 March 2018

Linn’s Katayst DAC architecture transformed the performance of Klimax DS when it was introduced in late 2016. Klimax DS with Katalyst was hailed ‘Streamer of the Year’ by HiFi Plus and What HiFi named it ‘the finest-sounding music streamer on the planet. Period.’

The Katalyst upgrade was introduced to Klimax 350 loudspeakers and Akubarik/Akudorik last year. Now it’s the turn of Akurate DS, DSM and Exaktbox to benefit from this dramatic improvement.

Upgrade prices:
Akurate DS:  £1,800
Akurate DSM:  £1,800
Akurate Exaktbox 6:  £1,200
Akurate Exaktbox 10:  £1,600

Katalyst for Akurate starts shipping today, all models from DS/2 and DSM/1 onwards as well as all Akurate Exaktbox can be upgraded by Adventures. Earlier models require return to Linn.

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