Next generation Linn Majik DSM

Linn Majik DSM next generation – Simply Better

16 August 2020

Introducing next generation Majik DSM – a beloved classic revamped, inside & out.

The name is the same, but that’s about it. Next generation Linn Majik DSM has been completely overhauled for 2020, and is all the better for it. This single box offers a powerful combination of high resolution network music player, pre and power amps, integrated phono stage and headphone output, for an easy first step into authentic audiophile performance; just add speakers.

Next generation Majik DSM outperforms its predecessor, and its competition, thanks to:

DAC implementation improvements: based on Katalyst DAC technology and including improved upsampling, a lower noise reference voltage and an ultra-low jitter clock for greater timing accuracy throughout.

New digital volume control: removing a lossy component from the signal path for lower noise and distortion.

Power amplification: bespoke, Linn-designed Class D power amplifiers offer better performance thanks to their lower noise and distortion and more efficient signal conversion, allowing even greater musical detail to be extracted than Linn’s Chakra amp.

New, higher power processing platform.


Majik DSM will handle anything you throw at it – all the analogue, digital and wireless connectivity you need to connect all your sources, from TV to turntable.

With wireless and Bluetooth connectivity now included, as well as 4 x HDMI, HDMI ARC, Toslink, SPDIF, USB, RCA Phono (configurable) inputs and HDMI, SPDIF, RCA Phono and Headphone outputs Majik DSM has all bases covered. A truly ideal hub for the living room, and a neat way of expanding Linn sound throughout the home.

  • 4 HDMI inputs make Majik DSM an ideal hub for all entertainment sources
  • Built-in MM hybrid analogue / digital phono stage architecture derived from Urika II
  • In-built WiFi for the highest quality wireless streaming with the convenience of no wires
  • Bluetooth for a simple way to get started playing music wirelessly
  • Type-B USB port to enables use as an audiophile quality standalone DAC


HDMI switching, built-in phono stage (MM- hybrid analogue/digital), wireless streaming, digital volume control, built-in amps, Space Optimisation.
Audio formats: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC, OGG
Resolution: Up to 24-bit 192 kHz
Integrated Services: Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, Airplay, Roon, TuneIn, Calm Radio

Ease of Use & Aesthetics
Styled in the new Selekt-style casing (minus the top dial), Majik DSM now incorporates six customisable smart buttons on its front facia providing immediate access to any source, radio station, album, playlist, or other shortcut. Whatever you choose shows instantly on the new larger, higher resolution display. A larger menu function button provides comprehensive control and feedback, giving source selection, start/stop and volume control. ‘Conventional’ (now!) control at your fingertips is also possible, via the Linn App for iOS or Kazoo for Android, or the included remote control.

Linn Space Optimisation technology lets you tailor performance to the individual room and speaker, ensuring the best possible audio from your Majik, no matter the listening space.

Complete the system with Majik LP12 and Majik 109 or 140 speakers for high performance streaming and vinyl playback throughout
(personalisation colours available for speakers and LP12 plinths).

Majik DSM starts shipping this week; all this for £2950.

Here’s what the early reviewers are saying:

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