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Linn Organik DAC Akubarik upgrade now available

26 March 2024

The sublime performance of Organik DAC – first debuted in next-generation Linn Klimax DSM in 2021 – is now available as a retrofit upgrade to Akubarik integrated loudspeakers.

We (and we know some of you) have been waiting for this for a long time. We’re delighted its finally here, joining the list of Organik-compatible products – Klimax 350 loudspeakers, Klimax Exaktbox, any Selekt DSM and all variants of Klimax DS and DSM – even the very first model manufactured in 2007.

The Akubarik upgrade is performed in-house by Linn. We will remove your Akubarik modules, return them to Linn HQ and re-install your Organik modules when ready, complete with full new Linn warranty. The cost is £7000.

About Organik
The entirely homegrown Organik DAC produces Linn’s most natural sound ever and is fundamental to the heights of performance reached by Klimax DSM. Creating its own DAC from first principles marks a milestone achievement for Linn with Organik being largely responsible for the seven Product of the Year awards granted to Klimax DSM and the rave reviews and magazine front covers devoted to Linn’s 360 Exakt Integrated loudspeakers.

Designed without compromise and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the embodiment of over thirty years of digital technology innovation and expertise. Linn pioneered high-performance digital streaming in the hi-fi industry with the original Klimax DS and is now raising the bar further.

With Organik DAC architecture Linn has, for the first time, complete control over the entire music signal chain — an ambition fifty years in the making.


:inn Organik DAC


Technical Detail
The performance advantage of Organik comes from its unique combination of:

  • Modulation method – Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Delta-Sigma
  • Conversion stage – Discrete Analog Finite Impulse Response (AFIR)
  • Implementation – Ultra-stable power, precision clocking, and expert PCB design

When employed together, the PWM modulator and AFIR conversion stage are immune to many of the problems that affect other discrete designs — where small errors in switching times or resistor values can generate distortion.

However, in order to realise the full potential of this conversion method, great attention must also be paid to other factors such as power supply, clocking, and perhaps most importantly, the physical layout of the circuit board. Organik uses an 8-layer circuit board, facilitating optimal delivery of power and clocks to the DAC. Power for the conversion stage is generated by a discrete regulator, and delivered using multiple internal power planes. Clock traces are matched to within fractions of a millimetre, to ensure that every part of the DAC receives its clock at precisely the same time. All these elements work in harmony to create an analogue signal with incredibly low levels of noise and distortion —far lower than anything Linn has achieved before.

Get in touch to book your Akubariks (or other Linn!) in for the Organik treatment.

Organik DAC animation: