Do You Believe in Majik??

Linn Winter Promotion: Majik LP12 + Majik DSM – £5000

4 December 2018

Majik streams, majik grooves: the perfect package from Linn. A Majik LP12 turntable with Majik DSM music streamer gives you the best of both worlds. High performance vinyl and the studio master streaming ability in a stunning two-box package, just add speakers.

The magic of vinyl and the convenience of streaming brought together in a special winter bundle from Linn, saving £430. The all-new Majik LP12 with upgraded Linn Majik toneram will connect directly to Majik DSM one-box multi-source music streamer and integrated amplifier via it’s rather fine phono stage. Just add speakers and you have all the music you need, analogue or digital, at Linn’s legendary sound quality.

The winter promo package starts today and runs until Tuesday 29th January 2019.