Naim price rise 6th december

Naim Price Increase 6th December

21 November 2021

*UPDATE 29/11/21:
Further increases to Uniti and Mu-so ranges have been announced, please check revised price lists below.

Industry worldwide and manufacturers in particular are struggling with the many ongoing impacts of the COVID pandemic, including raw material and component prices increases as well as major logistical cost increases, especially around transport and Hi-fi is no exception.

Until now many manufacturers, Naim Audio being one, have absorbed these increases. But this is no longer feasible and Naim has been forced to announce a price rise effective from 6th December 2021. With rare exceptions, this is the first Naim price increase since 2019.

The increase is varied across products, from 4% – 20% so if you’re planning any Naim Christmas treats, now is the time to order. Forthcoming changes to some of Naim’s popular products include:

Mu-so Qb £749 ➡ £899
Uniti Atom £2,249 ➡ £2,699
Uniti Nova £4,299 ➡ £4,799
ND5 XS2 £2,399 ➡ £2,499
NDX2 £5,299 ➡ £5,499
ND555 inc NAP500 £20,999 ➡ £24,999


We have both ND5 XS2 and NDX2 network players in stock now, as well as Uniti Atom and Mu-so Qb. Realistically your last date for orders is Friday 3rd December to get them into Naim before Monday 6th.

Give us a call if you have any queries.

Full details of current and new prices can be found here:

Naim price list from 6th December 2021

Current Naim price list (until 6th Dec 2021)

Accessories including interconnects, mains cables, remotes and Naim Fraim furniture will also increase:

Naim Accessories price list from 6th December 2021

Current Naim Accessories price list