Linn MajikLP12 Majik tonearm

New ‘All-Linn’ Majik LP12

4 December 2018

Majik tonearm completes the LP12 package.

Until now the Linn Majik LP12 – the entry level Sondek turntable – shipped with a Pro-ject tonearm. From today it is all Linn, with the introduction of a Linn designed and manufactured Majik tonearm. No price increase. Majik LP12 with new tonearm and Linn Adikt MM cartridge continues to retail at £2930. In fact, stay tuned for news of a Majik Linn Christmas bundle…

For existing LP12 owners, the new tonearm will also be available to purchase separately from Spring 2019, pricing tbc.

Linn’s Majik LP12 turntable is a perfect starting point for many vinyl enthusiasts embarking on the analogue journey, upgrading this modular deck as and when they can. Available in five plinth finishes – black ash (pictured), cherry, walnut, rosenut and oak.