Linn Klimax Solo 800

NEW Linn Klimax Solo 800 flagship power amplifier

1 February 2024

BIG news from Glasgow this week.

Klimax Solo 800 is the new flagship amplifier from Linn and looks set to stake a place amongst the heavyweight amplifier elite. A departure from Linn’s recent path towards wholly integrated systems, Solo 800 is the first new reference amp in 25 years!

Linn has pretty much re-thought the Class AB amplifier design process with Solo 800, to come up with a high-performance amplifier that has staggeringly low distortion, superb signal-to-noise ratio and incredible efficiency. That means Solo 800s can drive any given speaker optimally, even those that present difficult loads, under any conditions.


Three key technologies lie within these mono-blocks:

  • Adaptive bias control
  • Utopik switch-mode power supply
  • Innovative heat management


Adaptive Bias Control
Using Linn adaptive bias control, necessary in Class AB amps, the ideal bias current for each of the amp’s sixteen output transistors is established in real-time by measuring, sampling and digitising the current supplied to them. Continuously. A digital control loop then implements and persistently adjusts this optimum bias current for each individual transistor specifically; negating crossover distortion at any temperature – regardless of volume or demanding dynamic changes in music – for the entirety of the amp’s life.

Utopik Power
A new Utopik switch-mode power supply has been designed for Klimax Solo 800, tuned specifically for the substantial demands placed on it. It maintains extremely steady output voltage; the rails perform consistently in the face of dramatic loading changes. What’s more, if the mains input varies, the output won’t – remaining stable and ultra-pure at all times. Switch-mode negates mains fluctuations, but this Utopik goes further. It minimises switching noise and improves efficiency by utilising a technique called ‘soft-switching’; a resonant tank circuit ensures that voltage across the switch falls to zero before the switch is thrown. Thanks to soft-switching, Utopik for Klimax Solo 800 is cleaner, more efficient, and remains whisper-quiet over the full range of operating conditions.

Cool Runnings
Klimax Solo 800 features superb heat management; driving the most difficult of loads without compromising linearity or resorting to an internal fan. Excellent heat coupling is achieved by mounting the amplifier and power supply circuitry directly to the critically efficient, large surface area heatsinks. This cool-running design is key to delivering exceptional clarity right up to 800W into 4Ω, and 1.2kW into 2Ω. Temperature is minimised within the amp, ensuring that the properties of its internal components remain consistent during even the loudest and most demanding passages of music. It maintains consistency, efficiency and longevity at all times.


These are the reference for Linn now and as such, not cheap – £75,000 per pair. From initial reports and performance data, that might actually turn out to be a steal!

Linn traditionally launches ground-breaking innovations in reference products. There is every chance this tech will trickle down into other Linn ranges… hopefully soon!