New Rega Nd5 on Planar 6

New Rega Nd Cartridge Range

23 June 2024

Hot on the heels of it’s new Nd3 moving magnet cartridge, Rega has announced the long-awaited replacement for Exact cartridge – the Nd5.

Nd5 is available now standalone (£295) or as a factory-fitted option on Planar 3 and Planar 6 turntables, expected to ship from late July. Prices for these two complete turntables with Nd5 fitted are £895 and £1450 respectively.

  • The Nd5 aluminium cantilever is fitted with a precision ‘perfect elliptical nude diamond’ stylus. This profile provides exceptional tracking accuracy and extracts greater levels of detail from the vinyl surface.
  • In keeping with Rega’s commitment to sustainability, the Nd range is supplied in 100% recyclable packaging.
  • The Nd5 is easily identified from its smoked clear cover.

Named after the rare earth element Nd (Neodymium), the all new Nd5 cartridge utilises a Neodymium N55 magnet. This is the world’s most powerful commercially available magnet and is a crucial component that makes this unique design possible by providing more power than standard bar magnet designs. This all-new construction was developed over 10 years and promises to deliver ‘next level’ performance from moving magnet technology. Each Nd5 is meticulously handmade by Rega’s highly skilled technicians. The design uses a brand-new generator geometry with perfect symmetry to achieve accurate channel balance. The Nd5 also has an optimised pole gap for superior linearity and crosstalk characteristics. This new cartridge is created with miniaturised parallel coils which are wound in-house, utilising 38-micron wire with just 1275 turns. This produces a low inductance, low impedance generator giving vastly improved high frequency response.



We’ll have the new range in Adventures over the next few weeks, just get in touch for a listen or to enquire.