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PMC twenty5 series – 5* all over

7 July 2017

We don’t always pay attention to reviews, as our friends and customers know, but we have to agree with the conclusions of some outstanding recent appraisals of PMCs twenty5 series.

The had the pleasure of auditioning the flagship twenty5.26 model and here’s what they had to say:

“The Twenty5.26, is highly transparent in an effortless fashion and able to reveal the smallest things in the music as easily as the fundamentals.”
“…it reflects the quality of each recording you play with considerable precision.”
“…it has the ability to open up the soundstage so that each sound source can strut its stuff.”
“…it became very hard to tear myself away.”
“…the dynamics, detail resolution and timing were beguiling”

Read the full review here.

Hi-Fi Choice have also just tested the elegant twenty5.23, the middle of the twenty5 range and awarded it FIVE STARS in every category: Sound Quality – Value – Build – Ease of drive. The full 5* review will be in their July 2017 issue.

Two exceptional reviews and for once, Adventures couldn’t agree more.