Linn Power of 3 promo

Power of 3

3 June 2016

This summer Linn are offering three great promotions which will run from the 27th June 2016 to the 15th August 2016.

1) Free upgrade when you buy Exakt integrated speakers
This summer owners of Klimax and Akurate network music players have the chance to upgrade their player to the latest version featuring Exakt Link connections—absolutely free—when they buy an integrated speaker with Exakt technology.

2) Upgrade with Exaktbox for less
Grab the chance to upgrade your existing Klimax or Akurate network music player for less when you buy an Exaktbox this summer. Your Klimax or Akurate DS can be upgraded to an Exakt link model for half price when you purchase either an Akurate or Klimax Exaktbox.

3) +2 channels of amplification
It’s never been easier to add the channels of amplification you need to upgrade your system. Buy an Akurate or Majik amplifier this summer and we’ll provide an extra 2 channels free. For example get an Akurate 4200 for the price of an Akurate 2200, or a Majik 4100 for the price of a Majik 2100.