Quadraspire X Reference

Quadarspire X-Reference unveiled

15 July 2016

Just as a musical performance needs a stage so a HiFi needs one to bring the music to life in your home. Let us introduce the Royal Albert Hall of HiFi stages – Quadraspire X-Reference.

X-Reference is the culmination of over 20 years’ research, development, fine-tuning (by ear), trialing and testing by British manufacturer Quadraspire. Their experience in developing HiFi furniture has let them establish the optimum combination of materials, shapes, weights and construction for the perfect rack. And now Quadraspire have amalgamated all of that knowledge to produce the incredible X-Reference series.

Laminated Bamboo SVT shelves in a light but rigid construction are curved to avoid parallel lines and hence reduce standing waves as well as mass, and coated on the underside with Nextel for sound deadening. The shelves are decoupled from X-Frame by adjustable Bronze spike and cap assemblies and brass collars, shaped conically to give a natural sound and each frame/shelf is individually tunable meaning sound can be balanced for each individual component in the system. Large diameter, curved aluminium columns to lock shelves together in a rigid but light structure.

The result is a rack that allows your equipment perform to unprecedented level, offering a very low noise floor for greater definition of music and opening up the soundstage in all dimensions.

Even with a streaming-only source and hence no moving parts, the X-Reference shelves give a frankly astounding leap in performance.

Modular and with varying column heights, this can be tailored to your unique system requirements.