Rega Green Grade

Rega Green Grade ECO DECKS

16 May 2023

In a world seemingly full of waste, here is a brilliant new initiative from Rega Research: Green Grade ECO DECKS.

Beginning with Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus, ECO DECKS utilise parts that are functionally perfect but may be slightly cosmetically flawed (and would otherwise go to landfill), to build turntables that compromise nothing in performance but reduce both waste and carbon footprint and save you a huge chunk on normal retail price too!

Green Grade products pass the same stringent quality checks as standard models, have a Grade A Carbon cartridge and Rega’s Lifetime Warranty for functional defects (not cosmetics, obviously). They have a special “Eco” labelled lid and plinths are not screen-printed with P1/P1 Plus to distinguish them.

  • Planar 1 Eco comes in gloss black, gloss white and gloss red and is just £199 saving £100
  • Planar 1 Plus Eco comes in gloss black and gloss white and is £229 instead of £385, saving £156

And, this is a non-profit initiative from Rega:)