AVM-CS-2-2 cd streamer

AVM CS2.2 “the one-box wonder”

5 July 2017

AVM’s new Inspiration CS2.2 is a high resolution streaming CD receiver and stereo amplifier (2 x 165W) with phono stage, DAC, FM tuner and internet radio – all in one compact, rather stylish box. And with performance to match it’s German engineering pedigree, it’s not surprising it’s receiving “one-box wonder” accolades.

The streaming client firmware is fully updateable and upgradeable and supports both TIDAL and Qobuz; digital signals are up-sampled to 192kHz/24bit and a dual DAC converts to analogue, optimising music reproduction from each source. Special focus by AVM’s engineers was put on achieving the most authentic reproduction from CD; the acoustically shielded Pure CD drive is spring mounted end effectively protected from vibration.

You can stream music from a networked hard drive, USB or one of the CS2.2’s other digital inputs, or simply play direct from CD. And don’t let the diminutive size of this system fool you, it is big and bold and really very good indeed.

The CS2.2 is on dem at Adventures now, drop in for a listen. RRP £3995.