Dynavector 10X5 mkII

Dynavector improve 10X5 and D17 MC cartridges

5 July 2018

Dynavector already produces some of the best moving coil cartridges around so we’re delighted (and excited) to tell you that the 10X5 and D17D3 cartridges have undergone some expert Dynavector advanced engineering to develop 10X5 MKII and Karat D17DX.

10X5 MKII – a new benchmark in high output MC cartridge performance.
The new 10X5 MKII features an improved stylus assembly with the nude diamond “Shibata III” line contact stylus and improved hardened cantilever material, ensuring secure tracking ability over even the most torturous of record grooves, whilst achieving extended high frequency response and enhanced musical resolution. Alongside this, the exclusive technologies that Dynavector is renowned for: magnetic flux damping, softened magnetism and powerful neodymium magnets that provide the smooth treble response. RRP £549
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Karat D17DX – the legend goes on better than ever.
The changes to the 17 also are considered momentous enough to change the model name of D3 introduced 12 years ago to the DX. The DX now has a body made of solid brass rather than fibreglass and samarium cobalt magnets both leading to a better magnetic circuit and hence better sound. Until he developed the DRT range this was Dr. Tominari’s favourite and over 40 years later it is still as relevant as ever. RRP £1249
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