Tellurium Q Queens Award for Enterprise

Royal approval for Tellurium Q

6 May 2018

We love Tellurium Q cables at Adventures and now at last they are getting the recognition they richly deserve. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, sweeping up industry awards and outstanding reviews from across the globe.

Any Hi-fi component relies on interconnecting cables to deliver audio information as cleanly, efficiently and transparently as possible. Cable importance cannot be underestimated. Tellurium Q understands that and sets about engineering cables with as clear and phase neutral a path for the signal as possible. And it works… come in and hear for yourself: we have Blue, Black 11, Silver, Ultra Black and Black Diamond, throughout the shop (interconnects, power and speaker cables) and everything else available on request.

Here’s just a selection of TQ’s international praise:

“To sum up let me add that the Tellurium Q Statement cables are a class of their own. …you will also appreciate its dynamics. It is a rich, internally high-quality sound that requires familiarity with live music and high quality systems. Silver Diamond is a great cable, but Statement is much better in every respect. Together, however, they give something more, which will appeal to any kind of music, They give fullness, energy and richness of emotions.” – Hi-Fi HiEnd Test, Poland (Statement)

“Finally, inserted in the main audio chain, they have shown they have little fear of top competitors. They have had a lot of good reviews because they are worth it and keep their promises: I am stepping up to the chorus and I tell you to go and listen to them.” – Fedelta del Suono, Italy (Black II)

“the Ultra Blacks worked supremely well…The Ultra Blacks are a conduit to the sound like a motorway (on a good day) compared to a B road…. Immediately on connecting them up I noticed how clear and detailed they sounded in comparison to my previous cables, complimenting the rest of the system very nicely indeed.” Hi Fi Pig, UK (Ultra Black XLR)

” …natural high, Resolution of a clear timber, Discern instrument, continuity, Style categorically, Precise.” – Audiophile-Videophile, Thailand (Silver Diamond)

“Tellurium Q Statements are no usual cable affair and if I’ve called the Silver Diamonds an Emotional Tour de Force what are then the Tellurium Q Statements!? Well, they certainly transcend any typical labeling and this time I’m elevating them on the throne, that they clearly deserve. Their stand out, extraordinary performance can only be recognized with the 2018 Editor Choice Award!” – Mono and Stereo, Slovenia

“The Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables better the original Black in a number of important areas…” – Audio Stream, USA (Black II)

“..the Black II is a no-brainer compared with the original cable. It is really superb, whatever it is made of. …..the presentation becomes fuller and more rounded. The bass is also much fuller and yet more controlled than with the older cable.” – HiFi Choice, UK (Black II)