Tellurium Q Image HiFi Award

The awards keep rolling in for Tellurium Q

20 May 2019

Tellurium Q had a great start to the Munich High End Show 2019 with Image HiFi Multiple Product of the Year Awards – for no less than FOUR cables – and a great review for it’s Silver range from Paul Rigby:

Silver Power cable
“The Silver was notable for its clarity…it had a firm hand on each frequency area so that each knew its place and stayed there….In effect, you felt that you were getting value from the cable because you could hear more music.”

Ultra Silver Power
“…here was a new level of realism from the Ultra Silvers…Bass from these cables just pushed its chest out a bit. It sounded confidant, imposed itself on the mix to add balance and provided a sense of weight that gave the music a fast but also solid pace.”

Silver Diamond Power
“So, there was a tremendous sense of focus but focus is just one part of what these cables provided. The Silver Diamonds offered a great performance without any sense of strain or application. You must have seen that on a sports field with the very best player on the park gliding around, doing his thing without any apparent effort and doing it perfectly. That’s what the Silver Diamond was all about.”

“If you’re in the market for high end power cables, you cannot and should not ignore the Silver range from Tellurium Q.” – Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man).

Read the full review here.